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I believe you must have observe that the previous method of browsing with MTN BBC on PC using Ultrasurf and Freegate is no more working, you dont need to worry, cos mondaytech is here with the New MTN BBC Settings for PC Using PDProxy, trust mondaytech on this, it works for sure unlike the previous.

The new software now is PDProxy, you have to download it from www.pdproxy .com

Download pdproxy from that site and unzip it to view its content.

After downloadin, you’ll also need to register for a free account at pdproxy so thatyou can get your username and password.

confirm your account from your email adress before using the account!

Visit the link below to register for a free demo account for pdproxy.

This is a trial account, but it doesnt expire, only limited to 200mb/day. So it is adviceable to create more than one single account so you can enjoy it at least if you have upto 10 account, (200mb x 10accounts=1gb).

Also if you have money can go premium for those that have libertyreserve account. It has no bandwidth restriction when your on premium so the choice is yours.

Open PD-Proxy.exe when a message asks you to install a driver press Yes

5. Now when your pd-proxy begins to run, provide your username and password. Before you press connect make sure your change the connection mode to ICMP and always use the DEMO server since it is a free account we talking about.

Press the connect button and wait till it says that you are connected. Before you start browsing. It doesn’t need any settings for your web browser. so use no proxy nor port.

NOTE: Make sure your MTN BBC Blackberry subscription is active if not subscribe for a mtn bbc monthly or weekly. Use the following settings on your modem connection:


Username: web

Password: web

Please make sure you don’t use DNS and any other settings apart from what I’ve given you.

If you don’t know how to subscribe for blackberry bbc monthly and weekly read this post mtn monthly blackberry complete service bbc. features and how to subscribe/

This is where I’ll stop! I hope this information is useful.

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