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Your success is our number one priority, we the Mondaytech team is still working hard to get the rest questions, meanwhile, study hard to pass your exams.

Section B

(1)a,identify specimen A,B and C without reason

(b)where is each specimen found

(c)state one economic importance of each specimen

(d) drawn and labbeled fully the dorsal view of specime B(6to8cm long)

(2)identify specime D, E and F without reason

(b)to what classes of fruit does each of specimen E and F belong

(c)state one agent of disperser of each of specime D,E and F

(d)state two observable differences betwen the internal feature of sp E and F

(3)a identify specime G,H.I and J without reason

(b)Name one habitant each of specimen G,H,i and J

(c) what type of skeletor is present in specimen I and J

(d)state one economic importantof specimen H

(4)a differentiate b/w monohybride and dihybride crop

(b)define d followin ecological term


(ii)tropic level


(c) aterrestrial envirönment aboes the followin organism,snake,green grass,toad and grasshoper

(i)cönstruct a simple food chain makin use of the animals above

(ii)what is the ecological implication of killin all available snake in d envirönment



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