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Read this! All aspirants of Kogi state University.

Another admission process will start soonest. Here are few information which are needed to know and Note.

1. Kogi State Uni’s Jamb cut-off is 180. (atleast it has been so for years).

2. I heard Medicine as a course will be taken starting from next section (November,2012.

3. Post UTME Cut off for different courses differs and it changes yearly. It starts from 40+ for some courses in Natural Sciences.

4. Ksu’s postjamb score is not tedious and the calculation is perspicuous. They base it on 100%. 40 (jamb is 400 remember, so 10% of ur jamb’s score will be whatever over 40. And 60 is for the computer base post utme score.

5. Start Calculating Your possible score in post utme (atleasthalfway). Eg. For someone that has 230 in the concluded Jamb, based on our afore illustration, you already have 23.0% over 40. So the other 60% remaining, if u try and have 45 in the computer based utme test, your total will be 23+45= 68/100. Which is a very good point.

6. The Post utme test is gonna be on computer as usual, 30 questions which will be for 30minutes, the questions are random.

For Social Science students, you are likely to see 24 english questions, 3 Current affair and 3 for Maths. So dont hit the panick button.

7. Post Jamb has been 3 months after Jamb,Meaning it shud hold around June ending/July beginning.

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