Lost Of Accreditation By Niger Delta University (NDU)

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Its been more than two years since the Niger Delta University lost more than fifty percent of it’s programmes to accreditation exercise.

Some of the factors that contributed significantly to the university failing the exercise were listed as poor infrastrucure and lack of manpower.

The poor state of infrastructure refers to the lack of offices for lecturers, and other non-academic staff – it is so very painful to note that most lectureres in NDU sit in common-rooms like teachers in primary school while others who have no offices transit between their cars and classrooms. Lack of structures for laboratories, Libraries, and on the side of the students; lack of hostel accomodation – it will be noted that the school can only accomodate less than 10 perent of the students and majority of hostels are overcrowded 2 to 4 times higher than the approved number.

Also, a was highlighted by the accreditation team; the school also lack other facilities like toilets especially in their class rooms – hence, it is also very pathetic to note that most students and staff – alike defecate in nearby bushes due to lack of toilets in classrooms.

It does not take more than two years for a responible government to employ lecurers and other staff to meet accreditation criteria. It does not take more than two years from a reponsible managemet to correct an academic abnormally that denied its institution of rights to exist.

It has become very salient we addressed the questions raised by the accreditation team now.
Two years is a long time for any and every responsible government and school management to reverse the trend, address the issues and regain all the lost programmes.

May we therefore ask the following question:
(1) What has the state government done so far to address the questions raised by the accreditation committee?
(2) What has the Niger Delta University management done to regain the lost programmes?
(3) Is the state government and NDU management untroubled and delighted with the current state of unbalanced (bottom-heavy) manpower in the only state owned university?
(4) Is the state government and the management of NDU contented with the comatose state of infrastructure in the only state owned university?
(5) What has they state government done in the past two years to address the problems in the unversity?
(6) What step has the school management taken to address the issues of contention that lead to the lost of more than fifty percent of its programmes?
(7) Are the students of the institution merry with what they see on ground in their institution?

Why are they dilly-dallying with the only state owned university?
History, someone said is the record of events found interesting in one age by another age, when the history of the management of NDU and by extension visitors to NDU (governors) shall be written in years to come, it will be interesting what place shall be accordded the current management team and the current Government of Bayelsa state especially in respect to its handling of the lost programmes of the only state owned university.

Faculty of science loss almost all her accreditation.. departments in the faculty include deparment of physics, chemical science, computer science, mathematics, and geology. only department of BiOlogical science escape deaccreditation. the whole faculty of law also de-accredicted and many more…….

How can a univerity survive without funding? It is sad and indeed an aberration for a government to exist without paying special attention to tertiary education. Who is the commissioner of education and what are his objectives? What are his achievements so far?

The last time i heard the Governor spoke about NDU, he said the present Bayelsa State government spends over N500 million per month on staff emoluments alone. Is that true? ….In this time of dwindling crude oil prices and attendant shortfalls in allocation to states, it would be expedient for NDU stakeholders- alumni, ASUU, students, governments, parents, Amassoma community, etc- to chat a way forward for this very important citadel of learning.

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