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A group of scientists did a competition to test the intelligence of Nigerian students in inventing things.

On the grand finalle,three students were called from the crowd to come and present what they invented.

The first student went there and said:- “I’m Adeseun Tope from Lagos, i invented a biro that can write what people are saying on a paper itself,he practicalised it and he was applauded”

The next student went there and said”i’m Ehirim Chinwe from Imo, i inventeda chip that will tell the amount of money in the pocketof anyone standing close to it,he practicalised it and was applauded”.

The third student went there and said”i’m Gambo Sani from Kano,i invented an explosive that could shatter the human body into a million pieces, penetrating the hardest of bones, can you allow me to sit down while i practicalise it?”

The chief scientist stood up and said “don’t bother to practicalise it,you are the winner of this competition”

Hahahahaha, But, is he really the winner of the competition? Lol



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