JAMB Has Shattered My Vision In Life

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This real life story was sent to schoolwatch.com.ng via submit your news and get it publish by Amaka, a 300-level student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.

Read it below…..

I was eating Eba with okro soup when Humble called me. The soup was prepared by my sister. She said she saw it in a trance, then she decided to prepare it. This time she specially prepared it and it was really nice. I have good nose for food and I like food that is well prepared. She had told me that I’m picky when it comes to food. I would mould the Eba to a small sizable ball, in to the soup trying to scoop up some chunks of fish, I would put it in my mouth, gently swallow it, reserving the chunks of fish into my mouth and then crush it with my teeth after which I would swallow it. I had said that egusi soup was my best soup, but after tasting that okro soup, I had a change of heart. I prayed it never finish.

“Did you hear what’s been going on?” He asked. Immediately I heard that, my mind went far and near. I wanted to guess what it was. He is my friend and of cause we are both aspirants, so I thought that the only thing he will be talking about should be something relating to admission. Maybe the long awaited post UTME form is out.

“So they have finally decided to release the form?” I asked with a little joy in my heart. I knew I was not yet ready for the post UTME exam. I knew that if the exam were to come in the next week, I might not do well except by grace. Being a boy a lot of people had bestowed their hopes on, I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone. I would dare not to do that. I realized I was wishing in my heart for the form not to come out yet so that I can repent from my sin and wake from my slumber. I know I was going to start immediately, and I know that if I start, it will start flowing. I don’t want it to be like I had a bag of gravel on my head and not allowed to steady it with my hands. I know Humble very well. He is a very good reader, intelligent and brilliant. He had been studying and preparing for his post UTME immediately he saw his JAMB result. He had a good score. What more can we expect from him. He was indeed brilliant. He had already bought the text books required and was already gulping down those things inside his brain. I don’t envy him. I’ve never envied him. He is just a perfect friend for me. During those days we were preparing for JAMB; we studied together. A friend like that was what I had earlier wanted.

“It’s not the post UTME form” He said. My heart quivered. I leaned back to the green Leopard plastic chair I was sitting. Humble has never called me with such anxiousness in his heart. I could feel a little shiver in his voice. Like a tiny bone was clutched and got stuck inside his throat. He wasn’t crying but I felt he was in a very bad mood. I thought maybe his sickness has come back. He had had a partial stroke and to the glory of God he is well now. I feared because I don’t want him to suffer that again. The doctor had told him to stop reading until be gets better because of the stroke and definitely, it is never a good idea for someone that has a very important exam ahead of him. It was at his best luck that the University of Benin, Benin city, were yet to release their post UTME form.

“Humble what is it?” I asked. This time with anxiousness. I was anxious to know what it was, but I wasn’t ready to hear any bad news. So I wished it to be a good news. I know how we usually jest when we are on phone. Sometimes we would be calling ourselves names. His girlfriend has squeezed my ear the day I jokingly called him a name. I never knew she was there.

“It’s JAMB” He said, and immediately the call ended. I saw a text message in my phone which said “call me”. I had no money in my phone. I took one among the two hundred naira notes in my wallet and rushed downstairs, like the way nurses run in the hospital whenever there’s an emergency. My foot steps was making a sound, like the type that comes from a long vehicle whenever it bumped in to a gallop. My phone nearly fell, it’s a screen touched phone. I don’t want to think of what will become of it if it eventually slip from my hand. I knew I wasn’t ready to buy any phone yet. I tried loading the card, the first, second and when I dialed the twelve digit number the third time, it entered. I quickly dialed his number, I did not get any response. It was like the network had a problem. I dialed his number again and heard a voice, a lady voice which said “the MTN number you are calling is not reachable at the moment, please try again Later thank you”. What the hell! I dislike receiving such information especially when making an emergency call. I felt like punching MTN network. How can they possibly tell me the number that just called me now it’s not available. I quickly dialed the number again. I was touching my phone very hard like I was going to break the screen. It had refused to function, it was hanging. And that was not a good time to experience such. Finally, it was ringing.

“What do you mean by JAMB?” I quickly asked immediately he picked the call. I didn’t wait for him to say “Hello” which I think he wasn’t going to say.

“JAMB is re-assigning some students to another school and I have been reassigned” He said.
“Jesus!!!” I shouted. Before I could know it, I had shouted it the fourth time. I completely forgot that I was still standing in front of Northerner’s small retailed shop. The passer by began to look at me. One woman, in her mid sixties, came closer to me.

“Hope all is well my son? Hope no body died?”she asked patting my shoulder. I could see a sense of care In her eyes through her face. She must really be a good mama.

“No Ma, nobody died” I replied
“Thank God. Provided there’s life, there’s hope” she said and left.

Reading her words I found a lot of meaning on it. She must have meant that if it’s not death of someone then there’s hope, whatever the situation maybe, there will definitely be a solution for it. I couldn’t finish interpreting her words. The passer by was still looking at me like they were watching an interesting movie in the cinema. I had forgotten I was on call until I heard “Hello” it was Humble who decided to break the silent. His voice was down, like a voice of a man receiving a drip in the hospital.

“Go and check yours now”. He said and dropped the call. I stood faced down for a moment, like I was counting to know the number of sand on the ground. I could feel goose pimples all over me. I realized then that I needed to urinate. The sweat from my body if collected might fill up twenty litre gallon; like I was just coming out from playing football. I ran as if I was pursued. Jammed our door, to my bag, I searched my JAMB result. I found it. I quickly typed in my JAMB Registration Number into the column provided and something popped up. My heart was racing. I was breathing very fast. I was afraid. It felt strange in my heart, like I was going to stop breathing in a moment, like there was something inside my heart that was making me to breath so fast. My hands were shaking. Humble had told me that he was transferred in a private University in Edo State to study business education. I felt like crying. I don’t want to be transferred into a private school. We may not afford it. I need a federal University.

I looked at my phone. What I saw was unbelievable, like I have finally been shot. My phone slipped from my hand. Tears came down, rolling into my nose and mouth. I cried bitterly. I was the only one at home. My sister had gone to the market to buy “married again season four and five” I couldn’t stop crying. My vision in life has been totally shattered. I thought it is only the enemies from my village is doing me, I realized it wasn’t just them, but JAMB too. They had transferred me to Adetino adekporno University Gwangawara to study Arabic.
What am I going to do?

Even if I decide to wait for another year, i don’t know how it will be. My Life, vision, career, destiny has been shattered and completely destroyed by the Joint Administration And Matriculation Board (JAMB)

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  1. anonymous says:

    STORY FOR D gods

  2. Odema Collins says:

    This is a nice episode. It’s very interesting, if not for anything to gather up words enough that make up a story which is unconnected with your bitter experience with. Jamb.

  3. paul says:

    My broda you ll do very very well on literature, wit all this stuff, your A’ is guarantee.

  4. victor says:

    nice article, its a good thing they’ve stopped that exercise. take heart

  5. Naomi says:

    Y won’t JAMB shatter ur dreams see d long and unrelated story u typed lyf dey said you will do well in literature just go n wait one more year and fill literature n your JAMB form.

  6. Ndifreke Sunday says:

    Good but seriouse unrelated story. Mine is somewhat related.

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