JAMB 2014: Jamb Exam Study Tips To Be Successful.

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A beautiful monday to you, April 12 is around the corner. No need to fear, just double up your revision and feel free to share with us any question you might have.

Today’s tip is EXAM DAY Part II – During the exam.

Jamb exam starts 8am, so endeavour to be at the exam centre at 7am.

Go with your writing materials, and identification documents. Jamb will provide you with a calculator.

Observe all exam rules – don’t carry your phone or any other electronic device into the hall.

Don’t carry in chips, expo or any other incriminating material into the hall. Leave your revision notes at home.

Once you are accredited to enter the exam hall, quickly head to your seat. Some of you will want to pray to calm your nerves, pray quietly for 2minutes. After your prayers take a 10-to-15 minute nap (usually you have like 15minutes before question sheets are distributed). This nap really works. Once you wake-up, talk to no one and face squarely your exam.

Try and drink a cup of milk or water at least 30minutes befor you start your exam.

Be calm, don’t rush. Its 3hours for four subjects. Attempt all questions. Don’t leave any question blank.

If you aren’t sure, make educated guesses.

Start with subjects you are most comfortable with and end with your least comfortable subject.

Don’t waste too much time on difficult questions, you can always come back to them.

Avoid looking sideways as this could attract the examiner and get you nervous.

Please don’t cheat, it will ruin you -don’t copy, ask for answers, use exam cheats, etc.

Most important of all, believe in yourself on exam day.


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