How to Pass JAMB CBT EXAM And Score 240 And Above

Filed in JOINT ADMISSION AND MATRICULATION BOARD by on April 19, 2014 1 Comment team want to expound to our esteem candidates who choose CBT in 2014 UTME examination on how to pass JAMB CBT Exam And score 240 and above.

Computer Based Test (CBT) is a modern testing procedure where each examinee answers their question directly on a computer. It’s a bit different from the traditional way of testing where individuals will have to answer their questions using a paper and pencil or pen. Computer-based testing (CBT) has become widespread in recent years. Some institution use an online platform as the primary delivery mode for one or more computer-based tests used for accountability purposes.

Common features of Computer Based Test (CBT)
One-Student-One Computer
Computer Based Test (CBT)

Notable Icons for Computer Based Test (CBT)—Start and Stop, Time and Progress, Question Counter, Test Navigation – Next, Previous, Submit
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There have being a flock of searches recently by Nigerian students on how to pass JAMB CBT and also passing it with a high score because of it just being newly introduced by Jamb.

In order for you test taker/ JAMB applicant pass his /her Jamb exams whether paper based exam or the newly introduced CBT exams successfully without much stress and with a score of 240 above at one sitting, the following they must consider:

*Be Prepared: CBT JAMB is not an ordinary exam neither is it a local school exam but a well recognized exam by all Nigerian Universities. So, if a JAMB candidate is to pass JAMB CBT exam, he/she must obey the law of 5Ps (Proper Preparation Prevent Poor Performance.) to pass because JAMB itself is prepared to pass and fail everyone that is willing to pass or fail.

Passing JAMB CBT Exam is not about:

Been a computer literate or guru in computer operation
Not number of years of your Computer experience
Not been a guru or expert in surfing or browsing the internet.

It demands simulation and getting use to writing Computer Base (CB) exams.

*Secondly you need to Be Confident: Please Do not downgrade yourself or deride yourself by being scared or having a doubt of passing JAMB CBT exam, because JAMB is like every other exam and since you have passed previous exams you can also pass JAMB successfully. In order to become confident, you need to get prepared and practice writing Computer Base (CB) exams.

Case study:
Understand the structure of paper: Make sure you understand the structure of papers you taking in JAMB so as to have the best knowledge on how to allocate your resources towards them. For example you are meant to allocate more time to English than any other subjects because you are meant to answer more questions in English than any other subject.

*Thirdly learn to TIME your paper: This is the most important aspect in passing JAMB CBT. As economists will say, “resources are relatively scarce to their demand” so also is TIME scarce in the JAMB hall especially in the case of CBT because you being timed by the computer and when your time has been elapsed IT IS FINISHED. Passing JAMB CBT really needs you to allocate your time well and in doing this, you are advised to do those subjects that would gain you time first before going on to the time consuming one but this depends solely on your ability and combinations in Jamb.

Below is the 2014 timetable for JAMB Candidate:

Computer Based Test (CBT) Exam starts from May 17th, 2014 and last for 12days
Computer Based Test (CBT)

Candidate to start printing their centre from 12th of April 2014 through JAMB website.

Finally, you should never go write JAMB CBT Exams without practicing past questions so request and get a copy CBT past question, to get you prepared, confident and ready to pass your JAMB CBT at one sitting.


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    Where can I obtain jamb CBT past questions?

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