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(2)The people of brenhoma belief their ancestors through many ways, first pokuwaa’s mother pressurized pokuwaa in orfer to give her grand childreen that will promote their family lineage. So also when the lightenong struck the wawa tree outside brebhona, the tree burning ceaselessly for some days, it was decided that all women in the village should cook for the pacification of their ancestral spirit and the ceremony is dully performed.

When there was famine in brenhoma, there is wailing across the village in the mornign as the people observe a general mourning for their ancestors and loved ones in particular. When pokuwaa came home from the stream with horn bill on the day that nobody should go to the stream, pokuwaa took the hornbill back to the stream because they believed it is the food of the gods and necessary purification rite was performed

(3).Eugene achikes life in thenove,engene is universally acknowledged as abold courageous and generious man.

The editor of his news paper,the standard,lionizes him as”aman of integrity,the bravest man i know”.Indeed,engene achike is an embodiment of these virtures.But he is something else to his own family.Cruel,unreasonable,uncaring anddictatorial.Such is his fanaticism.

Engene tries tobe more catholic than pope and to be more christian than jesus.

Woe unto whoever fails tolive up to his uplopian standard at anytime,instantly punishment awaits him.Engene has nothing to do with his father simply because he refused to be converted from paganism to christianity,to him whoever is not afanatic catholic is less than human.He therefore abandons his father in abject poverty and had his children to have nothing in common with the father.his genourity has no bound as an evidenthe splashes on his on his church.constantly andbundles of cash he splashes on whoever needshis assistance.

But in all this he did not extend his good deedsto his family.

(5).Piggy is asthmatic and fat andsees only with the aid of his glasses.He is anorphan who lives with his aunt he hasbaldhead.

Piggy is a poor swimmer for when hereaches the seaside,he wilts.He is full of wisdomand intelligence.He advices the boys that they should make bonfire as a sign light to aid their escape in case of emergency.He is the one who taught ralph how to blow the conch shell which was used to gather the boys together andsupport ralph to be the leader.

piggy is thoughtfuland sensible.with his death,the constructive element in the island have degenerated andsavegery and terror reign supreme.




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